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Niloraina by CrimsonAmaterasu Niloraina :iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 1 4 From the Minds of... by CrimsonAmaterasu From the Minds of... :iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 1 1 UUCC Base Sheet - Xenon Wolfe Volz by CrimsonAmaterasu UUCC Base Sheet - Xenon Wolfe Volz :iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 1 0 UUCC Base Sheet - Quinn Grey by CrimsonAmaterasu UUCC Base Sheet - Quinn Grey :iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 2 2 SOPA ID by CrimsonAmaterasu SOPA ID :iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 0 0 End to SOPA by CrimsonAmaterasu End to SOPA :iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 0 0 Breaking My Record - Dragon by CrimsonAmaterasu Breaking My Record - Dragon :iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 1 7 Breaking My Record - Crane by CrimsonAmaterasu Breaking My Record - Crane :iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 1 3 Lucy the Zombie Lamb by CrimsonAmaterasu Lucy the Zombie Lamb :iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 2 9
The Epic Forest Stroll: Part I
"Why couldn't Viv do this herself?"  Tom asked, a sigh of exasperation in his tone as you skipped along merrily.  The golden hues of autumn had begun taking its toll on the forest around you, indicating that the weather was beginning its gradual change to the cold, dreary days of winter.
"It's another adventure," You hummed, following the trail as it veered off to the left abruptly, avoiding a rather obvious ravine.  Tom shook his head, ducking under some low branches.
"I wonder what Miss Liliu is doing?"  Tom asked himself.  Giggling outright, you turned around and gave him a slight smirk.
"Miss her, farmer boy?"  You asked, causing Tom's face to involuntarily go red.  Turning around to resume your skipping, you made it to the clearing that the Witch's apprentice had directed you to.
There, two familiar people were standing with their backs to you.  Both had golden blond hair, and wore the dress that only
:iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 1 13
.:APH:. - Be My Hero
Title: Be My Hero
Pairing(s): KimchiBurger (America x South Korea)
Rating: PG
Warning(s): Language
Summary: A night of mindlessly playing video games turns into a confession.
The time was well past midnight, yet that grand house amongst the trees with those fanciful gates had windows flashing blue from the light of a television screen.
Two young men – or rather nations – stood with controllers in their hands, hollering at each other as they smashed at the buttons, playing versus mode on a new game that America had recently gotten from Japan.  Behind them was an old, comfy couch littered with random articles of clothing, open chip bags, soda cans, and the wayward popcorn bits.  A large, flat screen TV loomed before them as they hurried pressed the buttons, vocally urging their respective characters in the video game to beat the other.
"Winning originated in me, da ze~!"  South Korea exclaimed with a determ
:iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 4 3
.:APH:. - 'Good Morning'
Title: "Good Morning"
Pairing(s): Giripan
Rating: PG
Warnings: Kiss, fluffiness
Summary: In which Japan and Greece exchange greetings after a nap.
Japan stirred, warmth bathing his skin as he pushed himself off the futon he had been laying on.  Rubbing his sleepy eyes, the island nation sat up, blinking the sleep from his eyes as golden, afternoon sunlight shone in his eyes.
Taking another look around the room, Japan realized he must've fallen asleep sometime earlier in the afternoon.  With a soft sigh, he noted in the back of his mind that he'd have a lot of work to catch up on later.  However, his train of thoughts was cut short when a soft snore roused his attention.
Glancing to his left, he saw a mop of unruly brown hair with a tell-tale split curl.  The softest hint of a smile embraced Japan's face as he brushed the brunette locks away from the face of Greece, sound asleep.
Without thinking, Japan leaned fo
:iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 8 3
- HMC FF - Enigma: Ch. 1
Title: Enigma
Fandom: Howl's Moving Castle
Pairing(s): Prince JustinxOC, HowlxSophie
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings (For this chapter): None, except for one kiss
The streets bustled with people as they shopped throughout the marketplace.  Women called for bargains with venders, and children raced about, weaving in between people as they chased one another.  Aromas of foods that were sold on-the-go filled the air, fighting for dominance with perfumes, dust, and sweat.  Chatter was a continuous hum that reverberated about the town, and the occasional sounds of the cars that slowly drove by seemed to blot out the rest of the noises.
Amongst the crowd were the faces of two very familiar people.  One had a mop of orange hair, and the other had hair the color of what her lover called starlight.  The silver haired one held a basket that was nearly over flowing with groceries, whilst the little boy with the orange
:iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 5 7
Stegosaurus Story
This is what the sky in the afternoon looks like and it's really hot.  Describe the wind and leaves with details about the trees.  The stegosaurus is skipping (Can a stegosaurus even skip?) with a backpack.  Tell readers what's in the backpack and have the stegosaurus skip some more.  Insert a tune the stegosaurus is humming.
Have the stegosaurus come upon a clearing.  Describe clearing, and put in that there's a house.  Describe the house and details on reason why the stegosaurus is there.  The stegosaurus goes up to the house, and tempt readers with the smell of baked cookies.  Stegosaurus rings the doorbell/knocks on the knocker and waits.  Describe sounds coming from other side of the door.  Door opens and details about the lady who opened it.
The lady tells the stegosaurus to come in.
Stegosaurus goes into house.  Describe the interior of the house and go into detail on wh
:iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 2 8
Who I Am
The longing of a friend,
The ambition to be more,
The endeavors to be outspoken,
The disappointment of a failure.
Words that play out in my mind
Become stuck when I attempt to utter them.
Smiles that are supposed to express
Become grimaces when I hear the things said.
Greetings that are used to open new relations
Become cold and nearly heartless spoken by me.
Comfort that I want to give
Become quiet and non-dependable to those around me.
Silent pleas for people to understand why I am like this
Become an attitude or a phase that all teens must have.
Defeat that I wish to except and move on
Become a crushing blow that I find hard to overcome.
:iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 0 1
Alice in Wonderland - My Way by CrimsonAmaterasu Alice in Wonderland - My Way :iconcrimsonamaterasu:CrimsonAmaterasu 3 36

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Valentines Day Hetalia
Roses are red and violates are blue,
I'll wave my white flag and surrender to you
Roses are red, cornflowers are blue,
I'm not very good at writing pomes,
But Happy Valentines day to you
On this day of love,
I give you my everything,
Love does not need words.
Heroes are red,
and they're also blue,
'cause I 'm the hero,
I'll defiantly save you!
Roses are indeed red,
Violets are always blue,
I'll wait a hundred more years,
To finally be with you
My champagne glass is red,
As the sky is dark blue,
Don't worry darling,
I'll make sure to shred
The clothes that are still left on you.
Well that's a message from the hetalia peeps,
and I just want to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!
:iconjuliette-capulet:Juliette-Capulet 2 3
I DON'T SHIP IT by TechnoRanma I DON'T SHIP IT :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 877 140 Arwen Blue Variation by Gewandfantasien Arwen Blue Variation :icongewandfantasien:Gewandfantasien 95 17 Blue Agate Dragon by AlviaAlcedo Blue Agate Dragon :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 3,994 516 Frozen Dragon by yaichino Frozen Dragon :iconyaichino:yaichino 5,098 224 Commission - Water Dragon by yapi Commission - Water Dragon :iconyapi:yapi 389 52 Ice dragon vs Fire dragon by michellescribbles Ice dragon vs Fire dragon :iconmichellescribbles:michellescribbles 989 77 Water dragon by efira-japan Water dragon :iconefira-japan:efira-japan 4,978 299 Dragon by FleetingEmber Dragon :iconfleetingember:FleetingEmber 6,316 815
A King and His Queen 1
"Yes, brother."
"Be gone. I need to think."
"Yes, brother."
Alfred sat down in the garden and waited for the first one to show up. Their King Brother had been insistent to marry him off to someone that a strong army. As the morning continued he saw a carriage come forward. Frowning at the flag he stood up, walking inside.
"Prince Alfred, Prince Charles is here for you."
"Thank you."
Alfred sighed and walked up to the prince.
"Why Alfred!" The King roared at the younger brother. "He was a perfect for our kingdom! An army like his would have done us good!"
Alfred rolled his eyes and fixed the light fabric over his head. As a tradition a light like veil was to be on their head when meeting such Princes and Kings. To be honest Alfred had once told their father and brother they looked silly. Like they had a blanket wrapped around them and framing their faces.
Still his was light blue and he pulled it tighter around his body. "I would rather he talked to me instead of groping what is n
:iconmissladydemon:MissLadyDemon 24 23
Knite: Year of the Dragon by yuumei Knite: Year of the Dragon :iconyuumei:yuumei 20,324 620
Chapter 1
Oklahoma. When Ivan Braginsky had been but a child, hoping and dreaming of one day living in America, the land of opportunity, the last place he had in mind was Oklahoma. He had considered New York City, the bustling metropolis that embodied the American dream. Or perhaps he would move to California, live in the Hollywood area and become an actor. At one point, he briefly even considered moving to Alaska. However, that one was short lived; he despised cold weather.
His childhood dream jobs were subject to change at any time, as is the case with most children, until he was 11 years of age. That was the year that his hometown of Blagoveshchensk was the victim of a tornado. (1) A tornado of all things. Ivan, having been born and raised in Russia, was no stranger to severe and extreme winter storms. But a tornado was practically unheard of. He had been mesmerized by the high-speed winds twisting and writhing, destroying everything in its path. And that was when he decided he want
:iconskywalkerchick:skywalkerchick 16 11
Hero Sandwich by Leopard-Gryphon
Mature content
Hero Sandwich :iconleopard-gryphon:Leopard-Gryphon 117 61
I love you by arsidoas I love you :iconarsidoas:arsidoas 126 28 When all that you know... by Caco-holic When all that you know... :iconcaco-holic:Caco-holic 140 16 STOP SOPA by perhosia STOP SOPA :iconperhosia:perhosia 3 2




It's unfortunate that I'm updating my dA - in such a long time - for something like this.  But it's - I can't fucking hold it in any longer.  I'm back bringing more hate - to the inefficiency of this fucking trip I'm planning, to the world, to the people around me, to MYSELF because I am so limited in what I can fucking do.  I hate the feeling, this caged in, trapped little feeling.

A trip that I found exciting and wanting to go to is now something I'm not looking forward to whatsoever - solely for the company because my friends have to have the strictest parents in the market, whom of which I don't fucking know the first thing to do. I want to tread wherever the fuck I want on this trip that SHOULD'VE only been my cousins and I, but no.  Add ten thousand more people and complications later and I am so done I don't even want to go anymore.

I DON'T WANT TO GO ON THIS TRIP IF I CAN'T DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT.  I don't want to go on this trip if I am going to be crammed into a tiny little hotel room with seven other people and possibly sleep on the floor.  No, I will throw a child's trantrum if I have to.  I just hate everything right now, and I'm emotionally exhausted, and I really don't give a shit what happens anymore.  I don't care.  I don't /want/ to care, but the fucking truth is that I'm gonna care anyway.

WORDS CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE HOW ANGRY AND UPSET AND JUST FUCK I AM.  Like, I feel like the only way I can express myself is just repeatedly screaming "FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU YOU AND YOU" at the top of my lungs at anyone and everything that passes me by.
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